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Cloud Microphones Cloud 44-A Active Ribbon Microphone

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Cloud 44-A

Active Ribbon Microphone With switchable response curves for voice and music.

Hand crafted in Tucson, AZ USA Made in the U.S.A

Modern technology elevates a classic sound

From direct RCA* lineage, the Cloud 44-A microphone reawakens the spirit of the classic RCA Type 44 ribbon mic for today?s applications. Internally within the Cloud 44-A, the ribbon itself remains unchanged, handcrafted to specifications first prescribed in the 1930s by RCA?s Harry F. Olson. Everything else has been engineered anew, however, using 21st century improvements transcending the capabilities of Olson?s time. Utilizing Cloud?s award-winning, patented Cloudlifter circuitry with its unique features and ultra-clean characteristics, the 44-A is an active ribbon mic with personality from the past plus all the strength and clarity required for today?s most demanding tasks.

Voice or Music?

The Cloud 44-A is the first and only active ribbon microphone with switchable Voice/Music response curves, reminiscent of the early RCA mics, for controlling proximity effect. The patent pending technology, a switchable interface that?provides dual frequency response voicing in an active ribbon microphone, is very useful in a wide variety of scenarios.

Voiceover artists and singers can use the ?Voice? setting to instantly reduce the large bass proximity effect associated with being close to the microphone. The ?voice? position can also be useful for reducing intense low frequencies when using the mic to capture an instrument at close range, or where they may be rumble or vibration noise present. Of course, some vocalists will prefer the larger bass response at close proximity, so having the switchable interface affords the user a microphone with two distinct voices, inviting the special sound of a ribbon microphone to be used on a variety of new sources that may not have otherwise be desirable.

The Cloud 44-A requires phantom power and has an output level compatible with virtually any modern preamp. Included is the Cloud U1 shockmount, a beautiful handcrafted wooden box and a microfiber mic cover, designed to properly store and clean the microphone.


Cloud 44-A Active Ribbon Microphone Specs

  • Polar pattern: Fig 8 w/ -31db null at 90°
  • Dimensions: 7.75” x 3” x 1.75”
  • Weight: 1.07lbs
  • Generating Element: 1.8 Micron Ribbon
  • Frequency Response: 20 HZ – > 20kHz
  • Output Sensitivity: -28 dBv/Pa
  • Max SPL: 136 dB > 1kHz
  • Out Impedance (in Ohms): 150 ohms
  • Recommended Load (in Ohms): 1kohm or greater
  • Powering Type: +48v Phantom Power
  • Powering Alternative: +24v Phantom Power
  • Supply Current: 4mA
  • Connection Via: XLR
  • Filter Frequency: 80Hz
  • Supplied Accessories: Cloud U1 Shockmount, Wood Case, Mic cover