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Phonitor Mini

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Phonitor mini

120V Rail Headphone Monitoring Amplifier

The outstanding technical and sonic characteristics of the Phonitor 2 were translated into a more compact and less-expensive format to create the Phonitor mini. Its ease-of-use, small and sturdy housing and affordable price, make the Phonitor mini the perfect headphone amp for home studios, hi-fi enthusiasts and mobile recording and mixing. The Phonitor mini is our high-end/low-size version of a premium headphone amplifier. And it obviously features the Phonitor Matrix too, to recreate speaker-like working conditions, plus the developments of the second generation of our 120-Volt amplifier technology. 

  • 120V Rail Headphone Amplifier
  • Innovative Phonitor Matrix: speaker-equivalent listening on headphones
  • Ideal for mobile applications
  • Optimally suited for all dynamic headphones from 10 Ohm
  • Mount-stand compatible with VESA adapter
  • Maximum Power: 2x 2W (1kHz/300Ohm), 2x 1W (1kHz/600Ohm)
  • Frequency response: 10Hz bis 300kHz (-3dB)
  • THD+N: 0.00052%
  • Dynamic range: 133.62dB
  • Made in Germany




  • XLR connectors, electronically balanced
  • Impedance: balanced ca. 20kOhm,  unbal. ca. 10kOhm
  • Max. Input Level: +32,5dBu
  • RCA connectors, unbalanced
  • Impedance: ca. 10kOhm
  • Max. Input Level: +20dBu
  • Considering that the RCA input is raised from -10dBV to +4dBu (approx. 12.7dB), the input level is comparable to that of the XLR inputs: +20dB + 12.7dB = 32.7dB

Headphone Output

  • 6.3mm TRS connector
  • Pin wiring: Tip = Left, Ring = Right, Sleeve = GND
  • Impedance: 0.18Ohm
  • Attenuation Factor: 180 @ 40Ohm
  • Frequency Range: ‹10Hz bis ›300kHz ( -3dB)
  • CMR: -106dBu (at 1kHz, 0dBu input level and unity gain)
  • Crosstalk at 1kHz: -88dB
  • THD&N: 0,00052% (at 24dBu input level and unity gain, 1kHz, 100kOhm load)
  • Noise: Unweighted: -100dB, A-weighted: - 103dB
  • CCIR:-94dB
  • Dynamic Range: 133,62 dB
  • Max. Output Power:
  • 2x 2W (+30dBu) at 1kHz and 300Ohm connected impedance
  • 2x 1W (+30dBu) at 1kHz and 600Ohm connected impedance

Power Supply

  • Voltages: 230V AC, 50 Hz / 115V AC, 60 Hz
  • Power Consumption: max. 15 W 
  • Fuses: 115V AC: T 500 mA /230V AC: T 315 mA

Size & Weight

  • H x W x D: 44 x 144 x 257 mm (1,72" x 5,76" x 10,12")
  • Weight: 2kg (4.5lbs)

0dBu = 0,775V. Specifications subject to change without notice.