Anthology X Plug In Bundle upgrade from Anthology II

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The Best of Eventide Effects in One Plug-in Bundle

Note: This is a special opportunity for registered users of Anthology II to upgrade to Anthology X for a reduced price.
NOTE: This product requires that you have an iLok account for authorization, although it does not require a physical iLok key. Please call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer if you have questions.

Comprising the best Eventide effects from 35 years of the top recording and post-production projects, Anthology X includes the entire Anthology bundle, plus six new essential production tools to round out the collection, forming the most complete Eventide bundle ever. The Anthology X bundle contains all the plug-ins you need for your next project at a price that can't be beat.

Eventide Anthology X Plug-in Bundle Includes:

  • EQ65 Filter Set - Includes high- and low-cut 18dB/octave filters, and 2 band-reject or bandpass filters with variable depth
  • EChannel - Includes a gate, compressor/limiter with sidechain, and 5-band 48-bit double precision parametric EQ
  • UltraChannel - Deluxe channel strip with user-configurable signal path, with a gate, de-esser, Omnipressor or compressor/limiter with sidechain, 5-band 48-bit double precision parametric EQ, stereo delays, and Harmonizer micro-pitch shifter
  • EQ45 - A faithful re-creation of the vintage analog 4-band parametric equalizer
  • Precision Time Align - Useful for bringing close-miked drums, overhead mics, and room mics into phase alignment
  • Quadravox - Offers 4 voices of diatonic Harmonizer pitch shifting, each voice with individual delay adjustment and pan control
  • Instant Phaser - Simulates the world's first phaser, heard on Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir"
  • Instant Flanger - The plug-in re-creation of one of the first hardware products to faithfully simulate tape flanging
  • Omnipressor - So dubbed because of its unique ability to both compress and expand audio
  • H910 - The re-creation of the very first Harmonizer-brand effects processor
  • H949 - Pitch changing with the world's first intelligent de-glitching algorithm
  • H3000 Band Delays - Features 8 voices of tempo-based filtered delays with pan and volume controls
  • H3000 Factory - Based on the ever-popular Factory algorithms from the H3000 and the ultimate effects tool kit
  • Eventide Reverb - Comprised of the best Halls, Plates, Rooms, Chambers, and Ambience from Eventide's top-of-the-line H8000 hardware processor
  • Octavox - Delivers 8 voices of diatonic Harmonizer pitch shifting, each voice with individual delay adjustment and pan control

Add iconic effects processing to your DAW with the Eventide Anthology X plug-in bundle!

Tech Specs

Software Type                                   Effects bundle

Platform                                             Mac, PC

Upgrade/Full                                     Upgrade

Download/Boxed                               Download

Bit Depth                                           32-bit, 64-bit

iLok Required                                    Account only required

Format                                               AAX Native, VST, AU

OS Requirements - Mac                    OS X 10.7 or later, Anthology II

OS Requirements - PC                       ßWindows 7 SP1 or later, Anthology II