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Cabinet Simulator, Power Soak, D.-I.

The Cabulator combines three main features for e-guitar amplifiers: power soak, speaker simulation, and D.I. output.

Thanks to the variable power soak you can play any amp loud without being loud – with headphones even inaudible if necessary.

The Cabulator’s fully analog design excludes latencies. It thereby gives the guitarist a direct response with an authentic punch. Even the most subtle guitar amp nuances are reproduced as precisely as harmonics structures and dynamic response of a cabinet. 

You always get a top signal in recording quality in seconds – both for direct recording and for a live mix. 



  • Speaker In: 1/4" TS jack (mono jack)
  • Impedance: 8 Ohm
  • Max. input load: 100W RMS, 200W peak


  • Soak output: 1/4" TRS jack
  • D.I. output: 1/4" TRS jack, transformer balanced
  • Impedance: unbalanced ca. 40 Ohm, balanced ca. 80 Ohm
  • Max. output level: +4 dBu

Signal to noise ratio: -85 dBu (unweighted)

Power Supply

  • External power supply 100-250 volts, 9 V DC, 200 mA, 2.1 mm DC plug
  • Power consumption: 0,5 VA
  • Fuse (internal): 100 – 250 V AC, 100 mA slow blow 

Dimensions & Weight

  • Height x width x depth: 134 x 300 x 207 mm    
  • Weight: 3 kg/6.61 lbs

0dBu = 0.775V. Subject to change without notice.