FPS 3000, monoblock amplifier

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1500W monochannel power amplifier based on the FPS 1500 technology.

Class D technology (improvement of efficiency, power/size ratio and thermal characteristics).

Aluminum alloy dissipation basket with T fins to ensure optimized ventilation and reduce overheating risks (a common issue with monochannel amplifiers).

High tech design (component structure and choice) to push back the limits of the cut-off and thus provide maximum power for the longest time possible.



RMS power - 14.4V 4Ω - THD+N < 1% 100Hz                            590W

RMS power - 14.4V 2Ω - THD+N < 1%  100Hz                           1000W       

RMS power - 14.4V 1Ω - THD+N < 1%   100Hz                          1500W

Frequency response (-1dB) in direct mode                                 10Hz - 2.5kHz    

Signal/noise ratio (@CEA power)                                                  93 dBA

Distortion into

4 Ohms @100Hz (with 22kHz low-pass)                  < 0.2% between 3W and 400W

Damping factor into 4 Ω at 100Hz                                                 300

Input Impedance                                                                            47Kohms

Input sensitivity                                                                              0.2V – 4.6V

Low-pass crossover                                                                      50Hz – 500Hz

Subsonic crossover                    Variable from 20 to 50 Hz (24dB/oct) with bypass

Direct mode                                                                                   YES

Bass boost level                                                                      0/ +9dB linear

Bass Boost center frequency                                                        45Hz

Variable phase (SUB)                                                              0 – 180°  Linear

Maximum cross section of power cable                             107mm2 / 000 AWG

Ideal current                                                                                  2.2A

Fuse(s)                                                                                           2*80A

Protections                                         Short-circuit Thermal overload (80°C)

Soft clipping Over voltage Polarity reversal

Dimensions (H x L x D)                                                         59 x 353 x 254mm