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Gain Station 8 MK2

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GainStation 8 Mk2

8 Channel Class A + Tube Preamplifier

The GainStation 8 Mk2 is the premium recording front end, ensuring that signals of all kinds are pre-amplified with the highest quality.

Nowadays typical preamps are designed on an either-or basis — either solid state or tube. With these designs the engineer has a non integrated and thus often frustrating choice between a pure, neutral solid state recording or one unavoidably influenced by tubes. While the engineer may find solutions for one application with one microphone, a preamplifier for different situations, mics and instruments must provide a commensurate range of choices—like the GainStation preamps. A combination of 63dB solid state and an independently controllable 26dB tube 

circuitry (which can also be deactivated) ensures a complete sound palette panorama. In any situation the engineer now can achieve his goals with one front end for best-of-both-worlds results.

  • Separated Solid state and tube preamps. The tube preamp can be used additionally to the solid state stage to add tube saturations, for clean recordings it can be switched off.
  • Peak/FET Limiter
  • Switchable Mic Input Impedance (200 Ohms, 1,2 & 10 kOhms)
  • Custom-designed and built, fully discrete, class A op-amps (no off-the-shelf stuff here). The GainStation's op-amps feature 60-Volt operating voltage—twice as high as most common op-amps—for an incredible dynamic range.
  • All switching functions are handled by encapsulated relays with gold-plated contacts.
  • No-compromise, external power supply with extensive additional shielding and seven separately wound and regulated voltages
  • Lundahl input transforner option, also for single channels or channel pairs



Frequency range:

  • ‹1Hz-125kHz (Clean Gain 30dB, Tube Gain off, +/- 0.5 dB)
  • ‹1Hz-310kHz (Clean Gain 30dB, Tube Gain off, +/- 3 dB)
  • ‹1Hz-125kHz (Clean Gain 30dB, Tube Gain 1dB, +/- 3 dB)


  • 0,00038 % (Clean Gain 24 dB, Tube Gain aus, 20-22 kHz, +25 dBu output level)
  • 0,032% (Clean Gain 23dB, Tube Gain 1dB, 20-22kHz, +25dBu  output level)


  • -99,6 dBu (Clean Gain 10dB, Tube Gain aus, 20-22 kHz, A-weighted) 
  • -94,6 dBu (Clean Gain 30dB, Tube Gain aus, 20-22 kHz, A-weighted) 
  • -68,4 dBu (Clean Gain 60dB, Tube Gain aus, 20-22 kHz, A-weighted)
  • -86,5 dBu (Clean Gain 20dB, Tube Gain 10 dB, 20-22kHz, A-weighted)
  • E.I.N: 128.4dB (Clean Gain 60dB, Tube Gain aus, 20-22kHz, A-weighted, 40 Ohm)
  • Dynamik range (20-22kHz, A-weightedt): ›130dB
  • CCMR: ›80 dB (Clean Gain 30dB, Tube Gain aus, 1kHz, Input -30dBu, without Lundahl transformer)
  • Maximum output level: +34dBu
  • Maximum output level (Mic Input, Hi-Z Input): +17dBu
  • Input impedance (Instrument Input): ›1M ohms
  • Output impedance: ›75 ohms
  • Phantom power: 48 V +/-2 V 
  • Power consumption: 140W

Dimensions & Weight:

  • (W x H x D): 482 x 88 x 237mm; 19" x 3.46" x 9.33"
  • Weight: 6,3kg; 13.9lbs
  • External power supply: (W x H x D): 219 x 85 x 257 mm; 8.62" x 3.35" x 10.12"
  • Weight incl. power cord: 6,8kg; 17.7lbs


0dBu = 0.775V. Subject to change without notice.