Lynx Two-B 2 in 6 out 192khz AD/DA PCI Sound Card

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192kHz Multichannel audio reference interface with 4 analog in, 6 analog out, cables, and more.

The LynxTWO-B PCI Card has 2 analog inputs and 6 outputs and is an excellent choice for playback of 5.1 audio or any application where 6 outputs are necessary. The LynxTWO-B can often preclude the need for a second or third audio card.

Introduced in 2000, the LynxTWO family of PCI cards were Lynx's first 192kHz analog audio products, offering 96kHz digital audio with onboard, world-class converters and time code synchronization. With performance that exceeds many standalone converters, LynxTWO models provide signal purity, versatile synchronization, powerful hardware mixing, and extensibility to support a variety of multichannel formats including ADAT and multiple AES/EBU or SPDIF.

The LynxTWO series' powerful 16-channel mixer allows extensive routing, control, and metering with excellent visual reference. Using the latest software, you can mix up to 4 inputs to any of 16 outputs. With a design very similar to that of the highly acclaimed Lynx Aurora converters, the LynxTWO-B card delivers near Aurora-quality specs and performance in a compact PCI card.

The LynxTWO-B comes with audio and sync breakout cables, S/PDIF adapter cables, and a CD-ROM with the manual, drivers, and sample software.

  • Two analog inputs and six analog outputs
  • 200kHz sample rate/100kHz analog bandwidth (supported with all drivers)
  • +4dBu or -10dBV line levels selectable per channel pair
  • 24-bit AES3 or S/PDIF I/O with full status and subcode support
  • Up to 8 LynxTWOs can be installed in one Windows computer; up to three in Macintosh computers
  • Sample rate conversion on digital input
  • Non-audio digital I/O support for Dolby Digital and HDCD
  • 32-channel/32-bit digital mixer with 16 sub outputs
  • Multiple dither algorithms per channel
  • SMPTE time code reader and generator with MTC conversion
  • Composite video genlock
  • Word, 256 Word, 13.5MHz or 27MHz clock sync
  • Extremely low-jitter tunable sample clock generator
  • Dedicated clock frequency diagnostic hardware
  • Multiple-board audio data routing and sync
  • Two LStream ports support up to 16 additional I/O channels
  • Compatible with LStream modules for ADAT and AES/EBU standards
  • Zero-wait state, 16-channel, scatter-gather DMA engine
  • Windows 2000/XP/XPx64/Vista/Vista x64: MME, ASIO 2.0, WDM, DirectSound, Direct Kernel Streaming, and GSIF
  • Macintosh OSX: CoreAudio (10.4)
  • Linux, FreeBSD: OSS
  • RoHS compliant
  • Ships with audio and sync breakout cables, SPDIF adapter cables, CD-ROM with manual, all drivers, and sample software