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Whether you use a DAW in your bedroom or an analog console in a high profile studio,  having more control is an important part of working efficiently and easily. We believe the key to your workflow can be found right in front of you, in the Master Section. The Purple Audio Master Section has been developed to be used and customized for any system including desktops and retrofit into analog consoles.

The Purple Audio Master Section consists of a 1RU Master Section box which houses all of the unit’s I/O. The unit can then be connected to a network and influenced by multiple controllers at one time. One example scenario could include a retrofitted control unit in an console, a Desktop controller at the producer’s desk, and multiple iPhone/iPad devices that could each control the flow of your studio.

The Master Section is clearly built for ultimate control of your equipment, but it is also built to last and sound great. The Purple Audio Master Section utilizes input and output transformers and discrete op amps.  Amplifier stages have a lay out which allows the sure of standard discrete op amp and DIP-8 IC op amps.

These boxes can also be used to build surround system in 5.1 or 7.1.


Six  balanced stereo sources.   (1&2 – TRS, 3-6 -DB-25)
One additional patch source for SLS – (TRS) . SLS (studio loud speakers) either follows control
room source or patch in.
Four balanced stereo speaker outputs (1 – TRS, 1-4 – DB-25)
One stereo balanced sub out – (TRS)
One mono balanced sub out – (TRS)
One balanced stereo meter out, follows control room source – (TRS)
One balanced stereo SLS out – (TRS)
One talkback mic in – (TRS)
One listenback mic in – (TRS)
One stereo balanced – (TRS)
One stereo balanced solo in – (TRS)
Two unbalanced talkback outs. – (TRS)
One unbalanced stereo headphone output front panel – (TRS)
Two additional rear TRS  unbalanced headphone
outputs OR post source switcher outputs that can be transformer output
10K or IC outputs. –  to additional metering, another control box etc
Two solo logic inputs, opto isolated, 1 high logic, 1 low logic – (DB-9)
One dry contact closure for turning power amps on/off – (DB-9)

Unit is standard with digital pots – but can also be build with
analog pot loops, you lose the ability to have multiple remotes or ipad/iphone controlling level if you choose this option.

Unit can be built with internal PSU, external PSU or powered from a
+/- 15-18 console.

1RU box can be ordered with:
Full function front panel.
Custom console remote

Standard desk top remote
no remote – ipad only.