Precision Time Align Plug In

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Precision Time Align

Scrub in for Surgery

Precision Time Align is a high precision sub-sample delay that can slide a track forward or backwards in time. It will help you get perfectly synchronized double-tracked recordings completely eliminating timing anomalies and phase issues from your mix, especially on multi-miked drums, vocals and instruments.

Blowout Comb

Precision Time Align allows for synchronizing signals to microsecond accuracy, up to 1/64th of a sample. Recording drums, an electric guitar cabinet or vocals with more than one mic can be challenging. While the sound recorded from each microphone might sound good on its own, mixing them together can introduce phase anomalies like comb filtering (phased, hollow sound) or low frequency attenuation. Editing in your D.A.W. can help with time-alignment on a sample level, but Precision Time Align is 64x more efficient.


Whether you wish to combine multiple tracks of a single instrument, compensate for phasing from different mics on a kick drum, or align audio segments for a tracking-only session, Precision Time Align is ideal for these critical engineering tasks.

Synchronize signals to microsecond accuracy, up to 1/64th of a sample.

Phase Invert button fixes mirror-image acoustical phasing.

Precise Coarse and Fine controls optimize time shift in recordings.

Perform negative delays, moving the track up in time relative to other tracks in the recording.

Four different methods for calibrating the signal to achieve perfect signal matching.

Precision Time Delay also included for use with D.A.W.s lacking delay compensation.

Much faster and more accurate workflow than trying to manually align in your D.A.W.



Platform Compatibility                                 Microsoft Windows 7+

                                                                    Apple OS X 10.7+

DAW Compatibility

Software                                                      Plug-In Format

Pro Tools 10 +                                             AAX Native

Cubase 7+                                                   VST2

Nuendo                                                        VST2

Wavelab                                                       VST2

Logic 8+                                                        AU

Ableton Live 7+                                             AU, VST2

SONAR                                                         VST2

Studio One                                                     AU, VST2

Digital Performer                                            AU

Reaper                                                            VST2

GarageBand                                                    AU