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Remote Control for Satori

The Antelope Audio R4S is a remote control for the company's Satori monitoring and summing system. Connecting to Satori via USB, the R4S gives you control over Satori functions such as input select, monitor select, talkback, mono and mid-side modes, dim, and subwoofer channel on/off - all right from the convenience of your control room sweet spot. A big aluminum knob with a surrounding LED readout lets you control your monitor volume with precision repeatability. 

Antelope Audio R4S Features at a Glance:

  • Remote control for Antelope Audio Satori
  • Connects to Satori via USB
  • Controls:
    • Monitor volume
    • Input select
    • Monitor select
    • Mono and mid-side modes
    • Monitor dim
    • Subwoofer channel on/off
    • Talkback mic
  • Aluminum volume knob with surrounding LED readout

Maximize your Satori investment with the Antelope Audio R4S!