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Royer R-101-MP

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Your Go-to Studio Ribbon Mic Pair!

Here's a ribbon mic matched pair that's built to take on practically any sound source in the room - in true stereo! Royer's amazing R-101 Matched Pair works well on everything from drums to acoustic guitars to loud amplifiers. You'll love the smooth "you are there" sound you get from the R-101. You'll also appreciate the peace of mind you get knowing that this ribbon mic pair is robust enough to handle all these sources, thanks to its high SPL handling (in excess of 135dB). A built-in multilayer windscreen helps protect each mic's ribbon element from plosives and wind damage. Put the R-101 Matched Pair on an amp cab, a trumpet, a drum kit, or a piano, and you'll be a believer!

Royer R-101 Matched Pair Passive Ribbon Microphone Pair Features:

  • High SPL capabilities for electric guitar and percussion
  • Multilayered windscreen provides superior protection for the ribbon element
  • No internal electronics to overload or produce distortion up to maximum SPL rating
  • Extremely low residual noise
  • Ribbon element not affected by heat or humidity
  • Absence of high-frequency peaks, ringing, and phase shifts
  • Equal sensitivity from front or back of element
  • Acoustic operating principle: Electrodynamic pressure gradient
  • Polar pattern: Figure-8
  • Generating element: 2.5-micron aluminum ribbon
  • Magnets: Rare-earth neodymium
  • Frequency response: 30-15,000Hz (+/-3dB )
  • Sensitivity: -48dB (re. 1v/pa)
  • Output impedance: 300 ohms at 1kHz (nominal)
  • Rated load impedance: 1,500 ohms (or greater)
  • SPL handling: Greater than 135dB at 30Hz
  • Output connector: Male XLR 3-pin (pin 2 hot)
  • Finish: Matte black
  • Included accessories: Shockmount, carrying case, mic sock
  • Optional accessories: Pop screen
  • Microphone warranty: Lifetime to original owner (repair or replace at Royer's option)
  • Ribbon element warranty: One year