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Tube Saturation & Tube Harmonics Processor

TwinTube delivers the two single most important sound effects generated by tubes: Saturation and Harmonics.

The warmth, presence and suppleness analog tube and coil filtering provide can enrich any production, regardless of the music genre.

  • TwinTube's saturation effects are sonically comparable to the effects of tape saturation
  • Saturation for more warmth and loudness; subtle to clear effects
  • Harmonics for more presence and clarity without adding appreciable levels (as with EQs); moves signals to the front of a mix
  • Extremely versatile for all kinds of signals, such as vocals, acoustic guitars, drums, strings, brass ...




  • XLR connector, electronically balanced, opt. transformer balanced
  • Input Impedance: 20kOhm
  • max. Eingangspegel Harmonics: +18dBu
  • max. Eingangspegel Saturation: +21dBu
  • Output Impedance: 150Ohm 
  • max. Ausgangspegel: +21dBu


  • Frequency range Harmoncis: 10Hz-80kHz
  • Frequency range Saturation: 10Hz-77kHz
  • THD Harmoncis: 0,1%
  • THD Saturation: 0,02 - 15% (Sat. max)
  • S/N Harmonics: -87dBu (A-weighted)
  • S/N Saturation: -96dBu (A-weighted)
  • Dynamic range Harmonics: 103dB
  • Dynamic range Saturation: 114dB
  • CCMR: -74dBu 

Signal-LED: -20dBu    
Overload-LED: +18dBu (peak hold 1,5 seconds)

Power Supply

  • Toroidal transformer
  • Voltage Selector 115V/230V   
  • Power Consumption: 
  • bei 230V: 9,1W/10,8VA
  • bei 115V: 5,6W/7,1VA
  • Fuses: 
  • 230 V AC, 50 Hz: 315 mA
  • 120 V AC, 60 Hz: 630 mA

Dimensions & Weight

  • BxHxT: 482 x 44 x 300mm; 19" x 1.73" x 11.81"
  • Weight: 4,8kg; 10.6lbs

0dBu = 0.775V. Subject to change without notice.