Vision All Discrete Surround Mixing and Recording Console

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Vision Features

A new Surround Sound mixing and recording console, featuring surround assign and panning on each fader, plus comprehensive central facilities.

The only analog console ever designed from the ground up for surround work. 


  • Resettable Switch Automation, assignable per Channel or Globally
  • Resettable Bus Assign, assignable per Channel or Globally
  • Dedicated 5.1 Mix Bus
  • Moving Faders
  • Two 100mm Automated Faders on each Channel
  • Simultaneous Surround and Stereo Mixing
  • API's all Discrete Signal Path

Each Channel Features

  • Dual Input
  • Two 100mm Moving Faders on each Input
  • 5 Channel Surround Panning on each Fader
  • Dedicated 5.1 Mix Bus
  • 3 Stereo Buses
  • 24 Main Buses
  • 10 Aux sends
  • Optional dynamics
    225L Compressor
    235L Noise Gate
  • Sweep Filter
  • Choice of Equalizers (550L 4-band or 560L 10-band Graphic)

Central Facilities

  • Comprehensive Surround Monitoring
  • 8 Multi-channel Playback selectors
  • Bass Management
  • Individual Solo/Mute control of surround monitors
  • Surround Fold Down Matrix
  • Central Computer/monitor for Automation and Switch Control
  • Machine Control
  • Provision for optional signal processing
    215L Sweep Filter
    205L Direct Input
    212L Mic Pre
    225L Compressor
    235L Noise Gate
  • Monitor Calibration Controls
  • 3 sets of speaker assigns

Also Featuring

  • The same exacting craftsmanship featured on all API Legacy Series Consoles
  • API's unique 5 year warranty
  • Full Patch Bay facilities
  • Highest Quality Leather and Wood Trim
  • Custom Built to Client's Specification

API's VISION responds to the major advances in Digital Audio Storage such as DSD Recording, SACD and DVD Audio. These media demand a new level of performance, reliability and flexibility from the professional tools used to create audio masters.

From the mic amps and equalizers, to the signal processing devices and right through the bus and routing structures of an audio console, we applaud the rising levels of sonic expectation today's audio performances demand.

API proudly presents the Vision Recording and Mixing Console, built to the same exacting standards of reliability, sonic performance, and investment grade audio that has made the Legacy Series the standard of modern recording consoles.

Dedicated to all those who hear, appreciate, and demand the best.