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Zen Tour 2017

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 For A Device Of That Size.

With Zen Tour we have pushed the envelope once again.
Antelope is offering not just a portable Thunderbolt™ & USB audio interface, but a pro piece, easily covering the needs of a small band.

Zen Tour comes with 4 switchable Mic/Line inputs and 4 more HiZ/Line ins.
Two reamp outs and a Talkback button on the front panel put it in the spotlight of portable interfaces.


Custom FPGA Will Allow You To Create And Stream Multiple Complex Mixes And Process Audio With Zero Latency.

Zen Tour borrows the powerful Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) from Antelope Audio’s top-selling pro studio devices.

This game-changing technology provides the interface with massive parallel processing capabilities, thus the lowest latency levels on the market.


Have Tons Of Gear Hooked In – Zen Tour Has Quite A Few Options

Some portable interfaces have to go for either a decent amount of I/O channels or high-end DSP effects.

Zen Tour gives you all:

4 switchable Mic/Line
4 HiZ/Line ins
8 analog outs
digital I/O on ADAT & S/PDIF
two independent headphone amps
two separate pairs of monitor outs.

Plus, the FPGA powered Thunderbolt™ & the custom USB make the Zen Tour lightning fast and compatible with any DAW.



Rediscover Your Studio Workflow With The Advanced Zen Tour Control Options

All of Zen Tour’s features are controllable via itshigh-resolution touch screen.

The portable audio interface can be also managed via the Antelope Audio’s Software Control Panelfor OS X and Windows and via Android and iOSmobile apps for smartphones and tablets. So both the producer and the recording artists can control Zen Tour.