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D-BOX+ Combination Summing and Monitoring System

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The D-BOX is a transparent, audiophile-grade monitor controller for tracking, mixing and mastering with eight channels of Dangerous Music’s award-winning analog summing at an unbelievable price point. Legendary designer Chris Muth has developed a world-class circuit for the D-BOX that provides crystal clear fidelity and flawless performance across its flexible feature set. The D-BOX handles your input source monitoring, speaker switching, cue, talkback, headphone and mixing needs in just one rack space. The D-BOX hosts reference-grade D/A conversion, switchable analog inputs between balanced +4dBu and unbalanced -10dBV, two powerful 20w/channel headphone amps, a built-in talkback mic, and a stunning analog summing mixer that will give your mixes the headroom and sonic dimensionality needed to achieve truly professional results.


  • Newly upgraded 8-channel analog summing mixer delivers enormous soundstage and superior sonic impact

  • Five analog and digital inputs at your fingertips (analog stereo, analog sum, USB, AES/SPDIF, Bluetooth)

  • Bluetooth wireless audio streaming

  • Free D-BOX+ app offers remote control of all major functions (volume, dim, talkback, I/O select, and more)

  • Dedicated app runs on current macOS, Windows, IOS and Android devices and computers

  • Driverless USB connectivity for macOS; simple USB driver installation for Windows

  • On-board talkback mic with push-button activation (on front panel or remotely from app)

  • Dual best-in-class headphone amplifiers with independent source selection and level control (front panel or app)

  • Three independent speaker outputs (selected from front panel or from app)

  • Programmable speaker selector allows for dedicated mono and/or sub inclusion on all outputs



  • Frequency Response: 1Hz-100kHz within 0.1dB
  • THD+N: < 0.003%
  • IMD: < 0.0035%
  • Crosstalk: < -97dB
  • Noise: < -89dBu total energy in audio band
  • Maximum Input: +27dBu


  • Frequency Response: 1Hz-100kHz within 0.1dB
  • THD+N: < 0.003%
  • IMD: < 0.003%
  • Crosstalk: < -100dB
  • Noise: < -91dBu total energy in audio band
  • Maximum Input: +26dBu


  • Locks to standard AES or SPDIF signals 32kHz-100kHz
  • Crosstalk: < -101dB
  • Noise: < -92dBu
  • THD+N: 0.005%
  • Nominal operating level: +4 dBu
  • Input impedance: 25 kohms balanced
  • Output impedance: 50 ohms balanced
  • Power consumption: 25 Watt
  • Warranty: Free 2 year extended warranty with online registration.
  • Standard warranty: 90 days parts and labor, subject to inspection. Does not include damage incurred through abusive operation or modifications/attempted repair by unauthorized technicians.