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88M USB Audio Interface

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Legendary Sound on your Desktop

Using the same transformer-balanced technology as Neve’s flagship large-format 88RS, the 88M brings the legendary sound of AIR, Abbey Road and Capitol Studios into your home and portable studio setup. It uses the same microphone preamplifier as the world-leading 88R console. The 88 Marinair transformer-coupled preamp, used on countless top ten singles and film scores, is a proven design that delivers analogue punch and clarity to all signal sources. The microphone, line and DI analogue inputs are fed through the Marinair transformer, ensuring that all microphone & instrument inputs benefit from the legendary Neve preamp sound.

The 88M has plenty of audio inputs for more extensive recording sessions – two analogue inputs via the onboard preamps combined with eight digital inputs via ADAT optical connection allow for tracking up to ten signals. In addition, there are ten available outputs, two analogue monitor sends and eight digital outputs via ADAT optical connection, ideal for expanded monitoring, additional performer cue sends or connecting to different analogue units.

Designed for plug-and-play connectivity and taking power directly from the USB 3.0 connection, this class-compliant audio interface can be connected quickly to any laptop and be ready to record music in minutes.

General Specification

2x Analogue Preamp Inputs (Mic/Line/DI)
2x Balanced Analogue Monitor TRS Line Outputs
1x Balanced TRS Headphone Output
8x ADAT Digital Inputs & 8x ADAT Digital Outputs via TOSLINK Connection
Insert send and return loop
USB 3.0 B -Type port for direct connection to Mac or PC
Class Compliant – Core Audio/ASIO
Headroom: +18dBu @ 1kHz (<0.5% THD+N)
Distortion (THD+N): Typically 0.008% @ 1kHz (measured at +18dBu, 10Hz to 80kHz filter)
General Noise: <-85dBu (A-wtg)
Frequency Response (Mic/Line/DI): +/- 0.1dB 20Hz – 20kHz (+/- 0.5dB 10Hz – 35kHz)
Voltage: USB3
Current <900mA

Preamp Specification

Microphone input impedance (balanced): 1.5k Ohms
Microphone dynamic range: >110dB
Microphone input gain range: +21dB to 68dB
Line input impedance (balanced): 20k Ohms
Line input dynamic range: >111dB
Line input gain range: -35 – +35dB
DI input impedance (balanced): 900k Ohms
DI input dynamic range >100dB
DI input gain range: +13dB to +60dB

Monitor Output Specification

Maximum output level : +18dBu
Dynamic range: >113dB
Headphone Output Specification: (150 Ohm load)

Maximum output level : +10dBu
Frequency Response: 20-20kHz +/- 0.3dB
Distortion (THD +N): <0.007% @10dBu 1kHz
Noise floor: -96dBA


Width: 182mm (7.2 inches)
Height: 76mm (3 inches)
Depth: 203mm (8 inches)
Weight: 1.675Kg (3.7Lbs)