A Designs EM-Red

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Give Your Console Some Preamp Kick!

The A Designs EM-Red mic preamp module is part of the company's line of unique modules, each with their own "color" - both sonic and visual. The EM-Red's custom-wound input and output transformers give this preamp card some added kick for some real "up front" mids, adding a distinctive tonal flavor that's useful in any mix. You get quality features such as a phase switch, 20dB pad, 48V phantom power, aluminum gain knob, and thumb screws for easy install and un-install in the EM-Red mic pre module.

A Designs EM-Red Microphone Preamp Module at a Glance:

  • Part of a colorful line
  • Up-front tone

Part of a colorful line
The A Designs "EM Series" is a twist on their popular Pacifica-based P-1 module. Each color (Silver, Blue, Red, and Gold) has its own sound, which is accomplished by using different custom wound output and input transformers. This gives you a large palette of preamp "coloration" to add to the sound of your favorite microphones or instruments.

Up-front tone
The EM-Red has a custom wound input and output transformers which will translate into a more "upfront" sound than the P-1, EM-Silver, and EM-Blue. The EM-Red is a great fit for drums, especially rack and floor toms.

A Designs EM-RedEMcard Microphone Preamp Module Features:

  • Phase button
  • 20dB pad
  • 48V phantom power
  • Cast aluminum knob
  • Thumb screws (for easy install and un-install)
  • Solid construction
  • Custom-wound transformers (input and output)
  • Original design
  • Red LED indicator for phantom power

The A Designs EM-Red microphone preamp module gives your mic some classic tonal color!


  • Preamp Type: Solid State
  • Number of Channels: 1
  • Phantom Power: Yes
  • Manufacturer Part Number: EM-Red