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Mini Monitoring Marvel for Accurate Mixes!

Avantone's MixCubes mini reference monitors give you the ability to hear what your mixes will sound like on bass-challenged real-world systems such as computers, televisions, car stereos, and iPod docking stations. The full-range, passive MixCube is 6.5" tall, and contains a 5.25" speaker that provides excellent sound reproduction for great reference mixing. The cabinet is shielded, so you can place it next to computer monitors and experience no interference. 

Avantone MixCube Mini Reference Monitor Features:

  • 25" shielded passive full-range 8 ohm driver
  • 5" Cube cabinet with multiple coats of high-gloss lacquer
  • Precision-milled, high-rigidity MDF cabinet sides and baffle for low resonance
  • Radiused corners and edges reduce edge diffraction for better imaging
  • Custom paper cone uses New Zealand pulp with mica fibers added for light weight and rigidity
  • High-Rigidity die cast Aluminum frame with polished mounting bezel
  • Nickel Plated "high-end" binding posts (properly spaced for dual banana plugs)
  • .25" soft neoprene pad is recessed into the cabinet base to serve as a non-skid acoustic isolator
  • Standard size (5/8"-27 threading) female mic stand mount built into the cabinet base
  • Frequency Response: 90Hz-17kHz
  • Impedance: Nominal 8 ohms
  • SPL/Sensitivity: 93db @1w/1 meter
  • Recommended power: 10W-200W
  • Inputs: 3-way CE rated plastic encased Metal Binding Posts
  • Accepts up to 12-gauge wire, spade lugs, dual-banana plugs
  • Cabinet dimensions: 6.5" x 6.5" x 6.5"