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The Crane Song Avocet Box is the 2 RU 2-channel "mainframe" of the Avocet II system and is what is added to an existing Avocet II system to add additional channels for surround monitoring.

For absolutely critical Avocet II installations, a Crane Song Avocet Box is a fine unit to keep in reserve as your own zero-downtime insurance. The need is unlikely, but some folks sleep better at night knowing they're covered no matter what.

Special Note:

This is NOT a fully functional Crane Song Avocet. It requires the Remote II which is only available as part of the whole Crane Song Avocet II Monitor Controller system.

PHOENIX's color is dependent on signal level, program material and sample rate. A higher sample rate results in smother sounds.

The PHOENIX plug-in suite provides a wide range of choices to make your digital world sound warmer, fatter, and more alive. The plug-ins can be somewhat subtle, but the cumulative affect when used on a number of tracks can bring back the warmth and richness which only analog recording has been able to provide.

Phoenix runs on all TDM Hardware: MIX, HD, Venue. PC, MAC and MAC PRO