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CLA-10 Passive Classic Reference Studio Monitor System

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The “White Cone” has returned — with lots of power!

Avantone Pro, in conjunction with the expertise of legendary mixer Chris Lorde Alge, have designed the most faithful reproduction of the world’s most iconic studio monitor. Now everyone can mix on the monitors that define “the hitmaker sound”. A tremendous amount of design work and exacting detail have finally made the “white cone” monitors available to everyone! And now the world has finally gotten what it always asked for — an active-powered version: the CLA-10A!


Since the “white cone” studio monitor was discontinued, the supply of aftermarket components have become more and more expensive and less and less available. Avantone Pro has created a near exact recreation of the original drivers. Using our global resources and decade of experience in driver construction, we have reproduced the components faithfully, updating the materials to comply with modern environmental requirements.

The AV10-MHF tweeter dome went through a difficult engineering process to get the exact phenolic resin doping to match the original performance curve. The AV10-MLF woofer uses custom tooled mechanical parts that mirror the original. We worked closely with one of the original vendors of the original cone to get the exact same stiffness and weight. The only difference from the original is that we use a pressed cone as opposed to a lapped. This allows for tighter matching in every cone we build — meaning this is the first time matched pairs have been available!

Both replacement drivers are physically and dimensionally exactly the same as the originals and are “bolt in” hassle-free installation.


  • SYSTEM TYPE: Passive - full-range two-way stereo pair
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 60Hz-20,000Hz (Accessible musical range)
  • POWER CAPACITY: Program – 60W, Maximum – 120W
  • SENSITIVITY: 90dB SPL (1W, 1m on axis)
  • Low Frequency: AV10-MLF 18cm cone
  • High Frequency: AV10-MHF 3.5cm soft dome
  • CABINET: 10.4 liter sealed design, 18mm MDF with real wood veneer
  • CABINET DIMENSIONS: 381.5mm x 215mm x197.5mm ( 15”x 8 ½”x 7- ¾ ” )
  • CABINET WEIGHT: 6.3kg / 13.9 Lbs (each)
  • WARRANTY: 5 Year Limited Warranty to original purchaser