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Gemini Mastering M/S Processor

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The SPL Gemini is an M/S processor meant for mastering applications. The unit is both an M/S encoder and a decoder, allowing you to monitor the mids and sides in solo.

More mastering processing processes are available to you with the Gemini. For instance, you can use the Trim and Stereo Width controls to change the relationship between the center and side signals in an extremely precise way. With the Balance control, you can even pan the center channel within the stereo field however you see fit. An elliptical filter is also provided so you can cut low-frequency information in the side signal; this is quite useful when preparing masters for vinyl, or for creating louder masters by minimizing non-essential low-end information.

You can switch these operations in and out of the chain thanks to push-button switches. This is essential for A/B comparisons, to make sure what you're doing is in fact the correct mastering move.

As with all SPL Mastering series gear, the Gemini utilizes 120V Rail technology for ensuring a large amount of headroom and preserving a wide dynamic range. In other words, this unit can handle both incredibly loud and incredibly quiet material without distortion. An IEC power cord is included.

Key Features

  • M/S Mastering Processing
  • Adjust Stereo Width
  • Pan Center Signal in Stereo Field
  • Side Signal Elliptical Filter
  • 120V Rail Technology for High Headroom
  • Switchable Controls for Instant A/B
  • Includes Power Cord