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Hermes Mastering Router with dual Parallel Mix

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Designed for mastering engineers who need to switch quickly among processing chains for immediate comparisons, the SPL Hermes Mastering Router is a routing system with slots for four stereo processors. Various EQs, compressors, limiters, and other units can be connected to the sends and returns on the unit. As Hermes allows you to program your favorite routing schemes into presets, the unit allows you to switch the order of your processing with the press of a button.

The Hermes also boasts two parallel mix stages that can work with any of the processors you route through the system. These parallel mixing stages can be programmed into your presets. Need your API 2500 in parallel for an aggressive rock track, and want it back in the main chain for the next tune? It is not a problem; the operation is a button-click away.

All the routing is handled internally, with passive gas-coupled and gold-plated relays. This results in fidelity throughout the chain, which is important for mastering applications. All active electronics, such as I/O stages and parallel mix stages, utilize the same 120V rail technology found on SPL's mastering grade equipment—technology renowned for its ability to deliver high headroom.

On the front of the unit, you'll find the controls that dictate the order of your processing chains and allow you to program preset chains. You'll also note the large parallel mix knobs for each stage; this controls the ratio of processed signal to unprocessed signal. Gain knobs and buttons allow you to fine tune the levels of the parallel mix stage itself.

The back of the Hermes reveals 8 channels of XLR I/O for your processors, as well as a master I/O section for your pitch/capture stage. You'll also find DB25 I/O for the processing section. A power cord is included with the Hermes. This particular model is styled in all-black.

Key Features

  • Recallable Mastering Router
  • Accommodates 4 Stereo Processors
  • Programmable Preset Slots
  • 2 Parallel Mixing Stages
  • Parallel Assignable to Any Processor
  • Parallel Ratio and Gain Controls
  • Passive Gas-Coupled Gold Relay Switching
  • 120V Rails for All Active Circuitry
  • XLR and DB25 I/O
  • Power Cord Included