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Link Your Model 7 Reverb Units the Right Way!

This Bricasti M7-SC serial cable lets you link a Model 7 or Model 7-M reverb unit to an additional unit. Because the last Model 7 reverb unit in the connection chain must use a termination plug, the M7-SC serial cable includes one.

Bricasti makes the highest-quality rackmounted reverb units available, and their commitment to quality extends from the smallest components to the enclosures, as well as to the premium reverb effects they produce. You can expect the same level of quality and reliability from this M7-SC serial cable!

Bricasti M7-SC Serial Cable for Model 7 Reverb Unit Features:

  • Serial cable for linking one Model 7 or Model 7-M to an additional unit
  • Premium quality construction
  • Includes termination plug

The Bricasti M7-SC serial cable provides premium-quality linkage for your Model 7 reverb units!