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The MA-D from Mojave Audio is a dynamic cardioid microphone well suited to a wide variety of on-stage applications for touring productions, houses of worship, broadcast facilities, and live performance venues. Designed by Technical Grammy award winner David Royer, the MA-D has been engineered to provide a linear frequency response without the presence peak that can often make dynamic mics sound harsh and unpleasant. The result is a smooth, natural sounding microphone that's equally adept at capturing vocals and instruments. Built to withstand the rigors of live sound, the mic is versatile and rugged and can withstand SPLs up to 160 dB, allowing you to use it on brass or mic up a guitar or bass amp.

The MA-D features a cardioid pickup pattern that focuses audio capture on the sound source at the mic, picking up less sound from the back and sides and helping to reduce feedback problems when sound reinforcement gear is employed. A built-in pop filter helps to reduce plosive noises, while the integrated shockmount helps to reduce vibrations and handling noise. The dynamic capsule requires no phantom power or battery, and the mic uses a standard 3-pin XLR connector for compatibility with a wide range of audio interfaces, mixers, and PA equipment.

Designed initially to be a hand-held microphone for vocalists, the MA-D does double duty on all types of instruments.

Guitar and Bass Amps
With its rugged design, the MA-D is perfect for:
Live sound
House of Worship


  • Smooth frequency response, richer tone, and higher gain before feedback
  • Uniform cardioid pickup pattern focuses audio capture in front of mic with excellent off-axis rejection
  • Integrated pneumatic shockmount reduces handling and vibration noise
  • Built-in internal windscreen to eliminate annoying plosives and "P-pop" sounds
  • Flexible mic clip and zippered carrying bag included