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The Passeq is a classic design with passive coil filters and perfectly fulfills the highest expectations in all areas of audio processing, from recording and mixing to mastering and playback.

The superior sound qualities and musical characteristics of passive filters ideally meet increasing demands in creating manifold sound colors full of character. In the HiFi domain, the Passeq is the high-end EQ beyond doubt – a perfect tool to solve room acoustical problems by the turn of a knob or improve the sound of old, or inferior, sources.

  • The most powerful passive EQ ever made—144 (!) passive filters (72 per channel) in one EQ.
  • Individual coils per filter.
  • Single core coils, which means that every one is wound individually on its own dedicated core. This excludes sonic degradation from mutual influences while at the same time improving THD values.
  • 120V makeup gain amplifiers designed with SPL's unique SUPRA-OPs delivering 141dB dynamic range and 200V/µs slew rate.
  • True passive coil filters deliver the genuine, characteristic sound associated with inductive components.
  • Distortion elements typical of active filters are ruled out by passive filter design.
  • For any number of reasons stemming from design and component advantages over active filters, passive filters achieve a very natural aural quality and through their harmonic treatment (THD, distortion, phase response, etc.), offering at the very least, a clear sonic alternative, which our ears often perceive as an extremely attractive one.
  • All passive filter components (variable resistor, capacitor and coil) work in concert to produce this beautiful sonic result. An important part of this process is played by coil saturation and condenser loading characteristics. The resulting difference in latency from characteristically extremely fast reaction of active filters provides for more pleasant, musical sonic qualities. We tend to perceive these attributes in terms of an increased suppleness and transparency, with perceptibly improved, silky highs and robust basses.
  • Fully analog power supply with toroidal transformer
  • Made in Germany




  • XLR connectors, electronically balanced
  • Impedance: bal. 20kOhm
  • Max. Input Level: +28dBu


  • XLR connectors, servo balanced
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz to 50kHz (-3dB)
  • CMRR: -70dBu (at 1kHz, 0dBu input level and unity gain)
  • Crosstalk at 1kHz: -85dB
  • THD&N: >110 dBu (at 0dBu input level, 1kHz, 100kOhm load)
  • Noise: A-weighted -115dB;
  • Dynamic Range: 143dB
  • Max. Output Level: +34dBu

Power Supply

  • Voltages: 230V AC, 50Hz / 115V AC, 60Hz
  • Toroidal transformer: 48V
  • Power Consumption: max 40W 
  • Fuses: 230V AC: T 500mA / 115V AC: T 1A

Dimensions & Weight

  • W x H x D: 482 x 176 x 390mm; 19" x 6.93" x 15.35"
  • Weight: 11.8kg; 26lbs

0dBu = 0,775V. Specifications subject to change without notice.