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PCP Instrument Distro 3.0

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Connectivity Problems, Solved!

The Little Labs PCP Instrument Distro is, at once, a one-in/three-out guitar splitter, an audiophile-grade direct box/guitar cable line driver, and a trio of pro-to-impedance level interfaces for re-amping. At Sweetwater, we've been looking for just such a device! Jonathan Little worked as a tech guru at some of LA's top studios, and he quickly found out what gear pro engineers require.

In many cases, such equipment did not exist, so Jonathan designed it from scratch. Little Labs now specializes in creating unique and useful tools for the pro audio engineer. Such is the PCP Instrument Distro. With its impressive multi-functionality, it can solve many of your connectivity problems, both live and in the studio.

 Little Labs PCP Instrument Distro Features at a Glance:

 Engineer's toolbox for:

  • Electric guitar, bass, and vintage effects
  • One-in/three-out guitar splitter (five when using the mult and line driver)
  • Transformer-isolated guitar level/impedance outputs with phase reverse, ground lift, and level adjust on each output
  • Audiophile-grade direct box and guitar cable line driver
  • Three pro (+4dBu)-to-instrument-level interfaces for re-amping