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The Pepper is a central hub of connectivity for engineers/guitarists’, interfacing pro gear and guitar gear, either direction, seamlessly. Interfaces instruments with pedals, pro gear, guitar amps, mic pre-amps and line level gear, all at once.

The Pepper will tidy up your signal path while keeping everything connected. Use the pro level insert for easily turning pro gear into a pedal, or insert your DAW on the pro insert for accurate, instant, easy re-amping.

Parallel process your pedals or pro gear inserts with your dry instrument signal. The Pepper, the best sounding, ultimate analog instrument interface, connectivity never sounded so good!

 Little Labs Pepper Instrument Blender/DI/Re-amper/Instrument Preamp Features at a Glance:

  •  Parallel audio blending. Mix pedal and/or pro effects with your dry instrument signal; feed to both your amp and direct out for increased attack and track intelligibility
  •  Pre DI and instrument out pedalboard hard-bypass insert and pro-level balanced hard bypass insert, with send and return level trim and external foot switch controls
  •  Unique analog nulling level-matching circuitry to assure absolute level matching between your insert in and insert out, ideal for accurate re-amping
  •  Instrument load on/off switch provides a 10 mega-ohm impedance with load off and 100k to 2.2 mega-ohm trim adjustable with load on to accommodate all types of pickups
  •  State-of-the-art analog circuitry with fully differential amps combined with vintage UTC style transformers on the instrument and the mic-level DI out, for optimum fidelity, full ground isolation, and hum free performance
  •  Line-level expansion output for interfacing with other Little Labs products including the Redeye 3D, and the PCP instrument distro; increasing input flexibility and adding extra isolated outputs for remote amp placement over long distances
  •  Easily turn your guitar pedal into pro gear and vice-versa
  •  Rackmountable with the optional Little Labs rakl; up to four Little Labs devices fit in a 1U space