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Phonitor 2

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The headphone monitoring amp and preamplifier with Phonitor Matrix.

Phonitor 2 is the ultimate headphone amplifier for sound and mastering engineers who also mix and master on headphones. Speakers can also be connected, making Phonitor 2 a full-fledged monitor controller.

Milled from the solid

aluminum is the 45mm large volume knob. Its mass in combination with the motorized Alps RK27 “Big Blue” potentiometer further enhances the “spoon in honey” turning feeling.

Remote control

The volume can be adjusted with any infrared remote control, which Phonitor 2 simply learns. Just press the IR programming button on the back and then the buttons for louder and softer.

Monitor Controller Features

  • Sources: 2x XLR, 1x RCA
  • Solo L/R
  • Phase reversal for L and R
  • Output switchable to headphones or speakers 
  • Mute
  • Phonitor Matrix with crossfeed, speaker angle and center level (the latter can be switched off)

To The Power Amp

or to the active loudspeakers it goes symmetrically via XLR sockets.

Slave Thru

The volume control can be switched off by means of a dip-switch on the bottom of the unit. 

The Sources

Two balanced and one unbalanced stereo sources can be connected to Phonitor 2.

If a CD player or other HiFi equipment is connected to the RCA jacks, the consumer level can be raised from -10 dBV to 0 dBu using a dip switch on the bottom of the unit. In this way the sources are comparable in level.

Mechanical VU Meter

visualize the input levels, which can be switched in sensitivity with the VU Cal switch.


By its very nature, hearing can be directed more to the left or more to the right. This is particularly evident when listening with headphones.

That’s why Phonitor 2 has the finely resolved Laterality control. With it the center can be set perfectly.

The Revolution

in the headphone amplifier is the Phonitor Matrix, with adjustable crossfeed, thanks to which you can create mixes with headphones that sound the same on speakers.

The Phonitor Matrix in its largest expansion stage has three setting parameters: Crossfeed, Speaker Angle and Center Level. 

In the Crimson 3, the center level is preset to -1 dB and the speaker angle to 30°. These are the most commonly used values.

The crossfeed function determines the crosstalk of the channels, the so-called interaural level difference. The intensity of the crossfeed is fully variable. 

    Conventional            Phonitor Matrix               Correct

The Phonitor Matrix Parameters


Level and frequency adjustment of the right (red) and left (green) audio channel at maximum crossfeed.

Speaker Angle

Settings for the speaker placement angle to determine the interaural time difference

Expansion Rack

The Phonitor 2 can be installed in the Expansion Rack to be screwed into a 19-inch rack. The Expansion Rack is equipped with a switch that can passively route the stereo output signal of the Phonitor 2 to four stereo outputs. In this combination, the Phonitor 2 is expanded by three additional stereo outputs. This expands the  Phonitor 2 to become a full-fedge monitor controller driving full-range, midfield and nearfield stereo speakers.